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Energy & Climate

At the Energy & Climate exhibit, we focus on our energy consumption and the consequences it has for climate change.

At the climate exhibit, you can learn more about the causes of climate change and what it means for Denmark and the planet as a whole. In the small cinema, you can hear experts talk about what we need to do to ensure that our children and grandchildren can also live ‘the good life’, in other words how we can live in a sustainable way.

If you’re a parent, the climate exhibit is a great way for you to gain the knowledge you need to answer questions that your children might ask you about climate change. And, if you just want to jump around on the melting ice floes or save the rat from drowning in the computer game, then you can also do that.

At the Energy exhibit, you first make your way through the small experiment area where you can ride the bike and turn the handles to create energy. In the Virtual Reality movies produced for the exhibit, you follow the energy’s journey from the wind turbine, through the power cables and out of the power outlet.

You’ll see the large offshore wind turbines turning, experience the rush of the wind in the giant cloud, and shape the landscape in the sandbox to create the perfect wind-turbine conditions. Here, you will also learn more about other renewable energy sources and whether biomass is one of them.

Perhaps nuclear power is one of the energy sources of the future? If that sounds absurd or dangerous, come and see how the nuclear power stations of tomorrow differ from those of the past, which we associate with disasters and radioactive waste.

You’ll also get some useful tips that you can use at home. Maybe you want to try out the thermograph and see the hottest and coldest parts of your body  (this is also how houses are checked for leaks).

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Energy & Climate

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