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The Forest

The Forest Hill
At our exhibit, the Forest Hill, you can explore under the earth's surface and experience how much life actually exists under our feet. There are moles, earthworms, badgers and bats – all animals that usually live hidden from sight. You can also discover how much a mushroom's roots spread under the ground. What you usually see is only the mushroom’s ‘fruit’. It would be like seeing an apple sticking out of the ground, while the whole apple tree hides beneath the surface. 



The Forest

The Forest & River Valley
From The Forest Hill, you enter a river valley lined with forest on either side. The forest and river valleys are home to a rich variety of animal and plant life. It’s therefore important that we take good care of these landscapes.

In one of the installations, you get to decide whether the water will flow through a straight canal or along a winding stream. You then hear about the effects that your choice had on the plant and wildlife around the stream. 

In a variety of games, you can test how well you know the leaves of the trees and the voices of the birds. As you make your way around the exhibit, you’ll spot some of the many animals that live in the forest. You can also try counting the rings of an old oak tree. Finally, you can learn about some of the beautiful products that can be made out of wood that the forest provides for us.

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