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Coronapas claim has been lifted

As of Sunday, August 1, the requirement for coronapas has been lifted for visits to museums and similar sites like Økolariet, so you do not need to show any documents to see the exhibition in Økolariet.

What does Økolariet do to eliminate infection?
It's a strange time we live in and we do everything we can to protect you as a guest in Økolariet. We have hand sanitizer stands around the house, so you can spray your hands off before and after using effects in the exhibitions.

What else can you do as a guest in Økolariet to avoid infection?

  • Pay by card (as far as possible) when you shop in Økolariet's store
  • Follow the advice of the health authorities: keep your distance, show consideration and ensure good hand hygiene after touching contact points around the exhibitions.
  • Respect rules and instructions from Økolariet's staff.

Note: last updated August 26, 2021. Changes may occur on an ongoing basis as we are constantly adapting to government recommendations.


Coronapas claim has been lifted