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Fjord & Sea

In our exhibit, Fjord & Sea, you can explore below the water’s surface and see live fish swimming around between the seaweed on the bottom of the fjord. You’ll experience the differences between a clean fjord and one that has so many nutrients that fish are unable to survive in the oxygen-depleted water. In the polluted area, you feel like you’re sinking into the soft mud of the fjord bottom, while the clean part of the fjord has a bed of stable sand.

You also have the opportunity to taste the difference between brackish water from the Baltic Sea, water from the Vejle Fjord and the North Sea, and extremely salty Red Sea water. On the information boards and interactive displays, you can learn about the plants and animal species that live in the fjord and discover which new invasive species have arrived at Vejle fjord.

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Fjord & Sea

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