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In 2000, Vejle Municipality looked to the future when it decided to build a centre of sustainability, where all citizens could visit for free and learn about how they could contribute to a sustainable future. Schools would also be able to receive free classes on subjects relating to socially relevant natural science and sustainability. Nowhere else in Denmark can people learn in such a fun and engaging way how the actions of humans are shaping the world of tomorrow.


Part of Vejle’s implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development Plan was to build Økolariet as a place where everyone could learn about how it’s possible to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives.

The focus on sustainability and the need for thinking sustainably has only strengthened since the Agenda 21 plan was agreed in 1992 at the UN Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro. Likewise, interest in Økolariet and its focus on sustainability has also increased since it opened.

We opened our doors in autumn 2003 and today we have around 90,000 visitors each year, including 15,000 schoolchildren for whom we provide classes as part of the Økolariet´s school outreach programme. 

Økolariet is a ‘Videnspædagogiske aktivitetscentre’ (VPAC), one of a network of state-supported experience centres where children and adults can learn about nature, history and science through educational, practical and challenging activities for all the senses. We are also a member of the Nordic Science Center Association (NSCF).