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Precious Planet

Learn about how diet affects our planet in the special exhibit, Precious Planet.

At the exhibit, you take a trip inside Ida's brain, who, like many of us, thinks a lot about how what she eats affects the climate and nature.

First, though, you get to check out Ida's profile on Instagram where you can see pictures she’s taken of food and read her thoughts on living in a climate-friendly and sustainable way. 

You'll get an insight into the climate footprints of different foods, tips for eating less meat and lots of practical advice on what to do if you want to eat sustainably and do something good for the climate.

Among other things, Ida thinks about the food of the future. Here, live grasshoppers jump around and mealworms wriggle around in her interactive mind.

Inside Ida’s brain, you’ll find a giant carrot and mini steak, which represent how we need to eat more vegetables and less meat, if we are to eat in a more climate-friendly way.

Before leaving the exhibit, don’t forget to pick up some delicious climate-friendly recipes and take a climate selfie in the photo booth.  

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Precious Planet

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