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The City Laboratory

Forecasts predict that by 2050, there could be up to 100,000 inhabitants in Vejle city, 42,000 more than today. At the Vejle of Tomorrow exhibit in the City Laboratory, you can learn about how the people of Vejle work together to make it an attractive municipality to live in – also in the future.

The exhibit focuses in on six important factors that will help create ‘the good life’ in the Vejle of the future.

A Greener City, Active City Centres, Neighbourhoods with an Edge, Connections and Flow, Active Citizens, and the Digital City.   

The City Laboratory also features a new virtual reality studio, where you can go on a 3D discovery of Vejle city. You can also summon a huge cloud-burst over the large model of the city and see the work we are doing to create experiences where the water collects. 

You can also download our new architecture guide app (search for ‘Arkitekturguide Vejle’). In the app, which is also available in English, you can take a walk in the city or drive around the municipality, discovering all the exciting urban spaces, buildings, parks and facilities as you go.

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The City Laboratory