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Your garden is your own little piece of nature, but did you know that you can easily make it more appealing to a diverse range of animal life. The most important thing is that you drop the idea of a garden having a perfect lawn, no weeds, neat beds and perfectly trimmed trees and bushes. It must be more wild, as this will give animals access to more food and more places to call home. 

This also makes it a more interesting place to be to yourself.

At Økolariet’s roof garden exhibit, you can see examples of the things that can create more life in your own garden, for example: 

  • Bird boxes and insect hotels
  • Flowers and herbs
  • Fruit bushes
  • Wattle fencing and stone piles
  • Ponds

We’ve installed new benches and chairs in the roof garden, so there are lots of places to relax and be inspired.

Create nature in balance 
More nature in the garden also attracts more natural predators that you can benefit from: Lice attacks are reduced by ladybirds and hoverfly larvae, songbirds control sawfly larvae, hedgehogs and toads catch small snails, while butterflies and bees pollinate the fruit trees.

Make a difference – create more life in your garden.

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