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The Mine & Recycling City

The Mine

In the Mine, we show you how raw materials are extracted from the ground to produce the things we use in everyday life. You can scan the different raw materials to find out what they're called, where they come from and what they're used for. 

Recycling City

Instead of extracting new raw materials, in Recycling City you can see how it’s possible to recycle our resources over and over again. As well as saving our resources, it also means we pollute less. In Recycling City, what we usually think of as waste is transformed into a valuable resource. In Reinvention House, you can explore and see examples of discarded items that have been recycled to make new, fun products. It could be an old drum made into an attractive lamp, or an old bike frame that has been converted into a smart chair. You can play fun games to test your knowledge of waste and sorting, and you can see how long it takes for waste to break down in nature.

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The Mine & Recycling City